Outside and Inside America
A few highlights
The history of the dollar exchange rate The Dollar exchange rate
The story of the Dollar against the pound, from 1915 (with graphs)
Inside a broken Canon EOS A Canon EOS 400D (Digital Rebel XTi) - dismantled
A look inside a broken Canon EOS 400D (XTi)
some personal stuff
South Shields Grammar School Web Site Jim Butterfield (1936-2007)
A tribute to an old friend, Commodore Guru, and mentor to many
South Shields Grammar School Web Site South Shields Grammar Technical School for Boys
This is an external link to the site I run for Old Boys of my old school
Photo Album Photo album
pictures from my photo album, including some from US trips
Photo Album Stained glass work
my first attempts at creating stained glass pieces
Personal pages Personal pages
Who am I? Where have I been?
My Family Tree My Family Tree
The Todds, Bucks, Beals and Darbeys
some British and general trivia
Miscellany British trivia
BST, GTS, the BBC and more
information and trivia from the USA
American Lexicon An American Lexicon
what do those words and phrases mean in British English?
American Encyclopedia American Encyclopedia
some American information and curiosities
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