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My Family History

When my mother passed away in 1999 I realised that I knew little about the people in the famiily photos that I inherited. I tried to find out more, and this led me to researching my family history. With the help of several relations and various researches in records offices I'm making reasonable progress.

I wanted to include a complete family tree as far as I've worked it out but the software I was using was including people that should have been excluded for privacy reasons, and it wasn't. So the tree below is as far as I can go.

The Todd side of my family is complete to the great-great-grandparents, and Ishmael Buckmaster (father of g-g-g-grandfather Ishmael Buck) is as far as I've worked back.

But I've gone further back on my mother's side, although only on the Hindhaugh line, which goes a further seven generations back from William Hindhaugh to George and Barbary Hindhaugh. George appears to have been born in Thropton, near Rothbury, in the very early 17th century, and died in Rothbury in 1658.

A lot of this Hindhaugh information has come from a number of people around the world researching the Hindhaugh line. Unfortunately there are contradictions and uncertainties often with little or no supporting evidence. I've tried to verify their conclusions, but often failed, so the tree below is as far back as I can truly claim as mine.

In family history research, I always go by the adage that information without supporting evidence is simply gossip.

Even though this Hindhaugh line joins mine quite a long way back (in 1836, when Ann Hindhaugh married George Beal), it is a particularly important line for me as the Hindhaughs appear to have come from Rothbury (Northumberland) and thereabouts. And by a truly astonishing set of coincidences, I've ended up moving 300 miles and I'm now living in Rothbury.

Of course there's much more to Family History than just a tree, and in time I'd like to include some of the old family archives. I've aleardy started with some background to the Queen's Theatre, South Shields, where my grandfather (James Todd) was its musical director from the day it opened until the day it was bombed.

Mike Todd's family tree