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Mike Todd

April/May 1998

Kissimmee - Naples - Cheeca Lodge, Keys
With cousin Ginia and Mum


  Fri 24 Apr   
Flew Gatwick to Orlando (Virgin)
Overnight at 334 Oak Park Loop, Kissimmee, FL
Mum & I had stayed at Ginia's on the Thursday night, and we drove down to Gatwick on Friday morning to catch the 12:30 Virgin flight from Gatwick to Orlando. We arrived in Miami about 3:and collected the Dollar car (a beige Toyota Camrey) at 6pm. We picked up the keys and found the house, which was in a suburb south of Kissimmee
  Sat 25 APR   
334 Oak Park Loop (2nd night)
Did food shopping, but spent most of the day by the pool.
  Sun 26 APR   
334 Oak Park Loop (3rd night)
Ginia feeling as though she had 'flu - did very all day. Just enjoyed the pool and spa.
  Mon 27 APR   
334 Oak Park Loop (4th night)
Visited the "pink mall", and then spent more time round the pool. Went out to the Olive Garden for dinner.
  Tue 28 APR   
334 Oak Park Loop (5th night)
Spent some time in the Florida Mall, and also went to Computer City and Barnes & Noble.
  Wed 29 APR   
334 Oak Park Loop (6th night)
Went to Animal Kingdom. It had only just opened, and was very busy - but still we had a good time.
  Thu 30 APR   
334 Oak Park Loop (7th night)
Drove down to coast and visited Cocoa Beach, and walked along the pier. Went back to Orlando and to the Disney Marketplace. A very rainy day.
  Fri 1 May   
Drove down to Naples
First night at 412 Dundee Court, Naples
Drove to the west coast, and down over the Sunshine Skyway at St Petersburg - a 6 hour drive.
  Sat 2 May   
412 Dundee Court (2nd night)
Mum and Ginia spent the day by the pool, and I went out for a drive. Mum's asthma got bad in the evening.
  Sun 3 May   
412 Dundee Court (3rd night)
Took a drive along the Tamiami Trail into the Everglades. Then had lunch at Michelbob's
  Mon 4 May   
412 Dundee Court (4th night)
Went to the Coastland Mall, and had lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Particularly hot day, leading to storms overnight.
  Tue 5 May   
412 Dundee Court (5th night)
Went to the Naples beach and swam in the Gulf. Lunch at Landry's, then back to the pool.
  Wed 6 May   
412 Dundee Court (6th night)
Went off shopping for much of the day, and then more lounging by the pool. Evening meal was at the Cracker barrel (after I'd managed to get onto I75 by mistake and had to go through two toll booths to get back again!)
  Thu 7 May   
412 Dundee Court (7th night)
Went down to the beach again. Back home by the pool for an hour or two, then off to Linens'n'Things. Got take-away from Michelbob's Ribs, and ate them by the pool.
  Fri 8 May   
Drove down to The Keys
First night at the Cheeca Lodge on Islamorada
Nipped back to Linens'n'Things, and then headed off to The Keys. Arrived about 4pm. Cheeca Lodge is a high-class hotel right on the Atlantic coast at Islamorada. Had supper in the "Light Tackle Lounge" in the hotel.
  Sat 9 May  
Cheeca Lodge (2nd night)
Had breakfast at the hotel, and then drove down to Key West. Back at the hotel in the evening, had dinner outside on the "Terrace Grill" as the sun went down with the moon reflected in the sea.
  Sun 10 May   
Cheeca Lodge (3rd night)
Went to the restaurant and took Mum for a special Mother's Day brunch. Mum's asthma was particularly bad. After lunch, we went for a drive, and back to the hotel for supper.
  Mon 11 May   
Drove from The Keys up to Orlando
Flew Orlando to Gatwick
Drove all the way to Orlando from The Keys to catch the flight home.
  Tue 12 May   
Arrived back at Gatwick