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Mike Todd

September 1998

San Francisco - Coos Bay - Portland - Mt St Helens - Yosemite - Arlington


  Wed 2 Sep   
Flew Gatwick to San Franciso, via Dallas/Fort-Worth
Overnight at Ramada, Hayward, CA
Drove down to Gatwick and caught 09:15 flight to Dallas, then connecting flight to San Francisco. Arrived there 5pm, and picked up Alamo rental car. It was very busy on the roads! Drove across San Mateo bridge to Hayward, and checked in at the Ramada.
  Thu 3 Sep   
Days Inn, Merced, CA (1st night)
Drove up to CompUSA at Pleasanton, and then down to Merced (about 110 miles).
  Fri 4 Sep   
Days Inn, Merced, CA (2nd night)
Drove into Yosemite, and explored a bit. Drove back to Merced.
  Sat 5 Sep   
Comfort Inn, Redding, CA
Drove north, 280 miles or so to Redding, CA.
  Sun 6 Sep   
Best Western, Coos Bay, OR
Drove north (300 miles) through redwoods to Coos Bay, in Oregon
  Mon 7 Sep   
Motel 6, Kelso, WA
Drove north (260 miles) to Kelso, Washington. Stopped off in Portland on the way, and went to the huge Powells book shop.
  Tue 8 Sep   
Rodeway Inn, Portland, OR
Drove up to Mt St Helens. Weather was very overcast, and the mountain was shrouded in mist, so didn't stay long. Drov back down to Portland (a round trip of about 170 miles)
  Wed 9 Sep   
Quality Inn, Klamath Falls, CA
Drove about 300 miles through California countryside to Klamath Falls
  Thu 10 Sep   
Best Western, Santa Rosa, CA
Drove 340 miles south to Santa Rosa
  Fri 11 Sep   
Motel 6, San Simeon, CA (1st night)
Drove through San Francisco, and down the west coast route to San Simeon. Stopped off at Fry's Electronics (bought Palm-III) and also looked around big shopping mall. Drive was 260 miles, but was slow down the west coast route.
  Sat 12 Sep   
Motel 6, San Simeon, CA (2nd night)
Had wanted to stay second night, but Motel 6 was full - in the end, they had a vacancy, so stayed on. Took tour of Hearst Castle, and looked around the coast.
  Sun 13 Sep   
Motel 6, Belmont, CA
Needed to get back to San Francisco, so headed back north (180 miles). Paid Fry's another visit, and stayed in Belmont, near the airport.
  Mon 14 Sep   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Caught the 10:28 flight to Dallas/Fort-Worth. Arrived about 4pm, and had a very long wait to pick up the car. Time was tight, but got to Betty's just in time to head out to choir rehearsal.
  Tue 15 Sep   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Usual trip to CompUSA!
  Wed 16 Sep   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Don Pablos for dinner
  Thu 17 Sep  
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Did some shopping, including visiting Arlington's Fry's Electronics
  Fri 18 Sep   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Betty's cousin (I think) came to visit. Betty cook dinner.
  Sat 19 Sep   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Took Bryan to the Fort Worth Museum of Technology. Saw a couple of Imax movies. Treated Bryan to a pizza at the Olive Garden. After going home with Bryam, went out to see Flubber at the Bowen Cinema
  Sun 20 Sep   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went to church
  Mon 21 Sep   
Flew back from Dallas to Gatwick
Went to Barnes & Noble in the morning. Headed off to the airport for the 15:10 flight to Gatwick
  Tue 22 Sep   

Arrived back at Gatwick