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Mike Todd

October 1999

Galveston - Arlington


  Wed 6 Oct   
Flew Heathrow-Washington, Washington-Houston
Overnight at Howard Johnson, Galveston TX
Drove down to Heathrow to catch the 11:30 Virgin/Continental flight to Washington. Then caught flight from Washington to Houston. Picked up car, and drove the 50 miles to Galveston to stay at the Howard Johnson.
  Thu 7 Oct   
Howard Johnson, Galveston, TX (2nd night)
Spent a little time driving around Galveston. Managed to get the car stuck in sand! Had late lunch at Landry's
  Fri 8 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Drove the 200 miles north to Betty's
  Sat 9 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Spent time with Bryan. Went to Six Flags Over Texas, and rode some of the rides. In the evening, went to Owen Cinema and saw Blue Streak.
  Sun 10 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went to church
  Mon 11 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went to Dallas Arboretum (date unknown)
  Tue 12 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Spent more time with Bryan as he had some time off during the day. Had fun in a batting cage, and also on the "Putt Putt" crazy golf. Then had to deliver Bryan to the school for band practice.
  Wed 13 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went with Betty to the Electronic Discount store, and also went down to Fry's Electronics. Had lunch at Mac's Bar and Grill.
  Thu 14 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went to Bass Hall to see Russian National Orchestra (date unknown)
  Fri 15 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Did some shopping at Wal-Mart, and at Barnes &Noble
  Sat 16 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went with Bryan, Mark and the Mansfield High School Marching Band to Panther Stadium in Duncanville for the band competition. They didn't do quite as well as they'd hoped or deserved. Went to Red Lobster for dinner.
  Sun 17 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went to church in the morning. In the afternoon went bowling with Bryan, and then to the Parks Cinema to see "The Sixth Sense".
  Mon 18 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
  Tue 19 Oct   
Betty's, Arlington, TX
Went to Christian store with Betty, and bought tie-pin for Bryan. In the evening, drove to the Fort Worth Baptist Seminary, and met up with Nancy (?). We saw the Christmas Tidings concert that Betty and Laura Beth were singing in.
  Wed 20 Oct   
Drove down to Conroe, TX
Overnight at Days Inn, Conroe, TX
Left Betty's, and drove the 220 miles down to Conroe, just north of Houston.
  Thu 21 Oct  
Flew back to Heathrow from Houston (via Washington)
Drove from Conroe to Houston airport, and dropped the car off. Caught 13:10 flight to Washington, and then caught 19:00 flight to Heathrow.
  Fri 22 Oct   

Arrived back at Heathrow