An American Encylopedia














The US dollar
A graphical history of the exchange rate against the pound (from 1911)
        ... from 1940
        ... from 1971
        ... from 2003

The range of US dollar bills

The American Flag
The American Flag Code

The American Language
    Inside the American Language
    Where did Okay come from?
    American state nicknames?

Cooking & Eating
    Cooking - weights and measures
    Cooking - ingredients

Dates & Times
US Public Holidays
    Time zones and daylight saving time

Buying & Measuring
Sales tax in America
American Weights and Measures compared
    Weights and measures table
The Billion and Beyond - the US/UK differences

Paying for things
In general
    Paying with cash
Paying by credit card
Paying by traveller's cheque

Driving in the US
Speed limits - history
    Speed limits - in practice
    Learning to drive in the US

The American Constitution
    Article 1
    Articles 2-7
    Amendments 1-10
    Amendments 11-18
    Amendments 19-27

What is it?
    Who has been impeached?

American patriotic songs
    The American National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner"
       The story
       The words (old and new) of The Star-Spangled Banner
    America, "My Country 'tis of Thee"
       The story
       The words
    "American the Beautiful" ("America! America!")
The story
       The words